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At Bluestar we believe our strength is our people and we recognize that our team is only as strong as its individual members. Bluestar’s leadership believes in empowering, rewarding and promoting within.


Our company focuses on identifying individuals who will thrive in our environment and developing them into cohesive team members. To support this, a strong emphasis is placed on mentorship, communication, and personal responsibility.

Current Opportunities

Career Progression

In-House Training


Job Satisfaction

Career Progression

Bluestar is a diverse and engaging workplace comprised of professional engineers, designers, and support staff.

  • Challenging technical design problems to solve.

  • Variety in day to day activities and tasks.

  • Opportunity for growth and development.

  • Convivial work environment.

We are focused on our clients

What sets Bluestar apart from other EPCM firms is our dedication to meeting our diverse client needs.

We take responsibility

Bluestar ensures that our team members take full responsibility for each of their tasks given. We rely on each other when performing for our clients and achieve success because we hold each individual accountable.

We reward dedication & success

Bluestar management works to recognize and rewards team members who consistently deliver to our clients.